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BOX 3105, S-183 03 Täby, Sweden

tel: +46 8 459 58 80


About Calisto

Calisto is a consultant and development company with its main focus on systems development, computer based visualisation and simulation. Our specialities include visual simulation, animations, virtual reality and design of network and Internet based systems in Java and C++. We also provide customer tailored training within our fields of expertise.

The company was founded in 1994 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Advanced Systems Development

Systems development for Unix/Linux, Windows, Mac and the Internet using Java, C/C++ and Ada.

Simulation and Visualisation

Distributed Simulations, Visualisations, 3D- and Terrain modelling and animations using COTS tools and commercial games.


Customer tailored training in Programming, Unix/Linux and 3D/Terrain modelling

Recent Projects

Computer Game Based Training Simulator

Calisto has participated in a Swedish Defense study in the possibilities of using COTS computer games as a basis for military training simulators.

Mid-Life Upgrade of Gotland Class Submarine

As part of the work in preparing for the mid-life upgrade of the Gotland class submarines of the Swedish Navy, Calisto has made a model of the interior of the submarine using CAD data from Kockums shipyard.

Microsoft Flight Simulator to HLA Adaptor

Calisto has developed an adaptor to connect Microsoft’s Flight Simulator to HLA based simulation federations.

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